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Positive Impact HR, LLC designs solutions to fit your business needs.  We look at your company's HR as an integrated system, in which each segment works together.  In this way, we help you to develop and manage the employee experience that directly leads to employee engagement and better business results.


We work closely with you to develop a compensation plan and design a pay structure that enhances your company's ability to attract, reward and retain employees while staying within your overall budget.


Working with Positive Impact HR takes your employee recruiting to the next level of success.  We consider your needs in streamlining your processes, developing highly effective ads and interview questions, and training your staff to screen for competency and fit with your culture.


We provide employee relations assistance ranging from conducting employee focus groups and designing mentoring programs to providing consulting services for on-call guidance in handling difficult situations and issues.


From setting expectations and developing employee goals, through designing your performance appraisal forms and training managers in how to document and evaluate job performance, we work with your team to customize the best process for your company.


Training is available on a variety of topics that can be easily customized to meet your needs.  Supervisory training topics include Interviewing, Goal Setting and Communications, with training  for all employees on Workplace Harassment, Teamwork and other topics.


We write and revise Job Descriptions, Employee Handbooks and employment policies that match your company's practices, enhance training and keep you in compliance with current standards.

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